Polluters learn more. With a new empirical study, Jasper Meya and Klaus Eisenack show for the first time that a board game on climate change successfully teaches and communicates international climate policy.

Polluters learn more. The game KEEP COOL teaches international climate policy


A new KEEP COOL project has started, funded by the German Federal Environmental Foundation: KEEP COOL east. The kick-off took place at EcoVisio in Moldova in April 2018. Project partners are the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and EcoVisio.

Werkstatt N-Award

KEEP COOL mobil is voted Werkstatt N-Project 2016! For the fifth time, the German Council for Sustainable Development has given its “Werkstatt N” quality seal of approval to 100 ideas and projects that make sustainable thinking and acting an active part of everyday life.


The KEEP COOL mobil project started in March 2015. The goal was to develop a climate game app, enabling users to playfully experience climate politics on their smartphones or tablet devices. Further information can be found at


Students at Bremerhaven University are developing a new prototype for KEEP COOL Online. Click here to go to KEEP COOL ONLINE 2. In this film pupils compare the online version with the board game.

Exhibition at the Bremen Haus der Wissenschaft

From the 11th November 2014 to 17 January 2015, KEEP COOL was presented as part of the Year of Science “The Digital Society”.

KEEP COOL Game Session in Oldenburg’s House of Science

On 18 January 2014 we gambled with the climate in Oldenburg’s house of science “Schlaues Haus”. It took part within the event programme for the 40th anniversary of Oldenburg University. We organized several public game sessions, moderated by students of the Masters programme “Sustainability Economics and Management” of Oldenburg University. The Oldenburg newspaper “Nordwest-Zeitung” reported.

Practical Project: Simulation & Gaming

In the winter term 2013/14 students in Sustainability Economics and Management at the University of Oldenburg ran a project on climate change games.

Special issue on climate games…

… appeared in the international journal Simulation & Gaming. It also features a foreword by Dennis Meadows.

KEEP COOL wins the environmental education jury prize from the German Sparda Bank

KEEP COOL has won the jury prize in the category “environmental education” of the environmental prize from the German Sparda Bank. KEEP COOL was chosen by the German TV presenter Shary Reeves.

Successful Crowdfunding for New Release

The crowdfunding campaign ran from June 10th to September 10th, 2014 on Startnext. Thanks to many supporters, more than 13,000 euros have been raised. To advertise the campaign, many public game sessions were offered, for example on August 24th at Klimahaus Bremerhaven.

Synagieren Wirkcamp with KEEP COOL

A Synagieren Wirkcamp is scheduled for May 2013 in Lüneburg, Germany. It will bring forward the fourth release of KEEP COOL with a crowdfunding activity. There will also be experiments with extensions of the game.

First output is the following film. As final result crowdfunding on startnext has started. Take an interest in the fourth edition of KEEP COOL!

Scientific Publications

Publications on KEEP COOL appeared in the international scientific journal Simulation & Gaming. One article contains material on using and facilitating the game, informs about its development, and reflects on the potential of games for interdisciplinary research. The other gives an overview of climate change games. Find more under publications.

Schlaues Haus Oldenburg

On September 28th, 2012, KEEP COOL was presented at the opening of the Schlaues Haus (Smart House) of Carl von Ossietzky University, Oldenburg.


Adoption of the board game for the internet by Schulen ins Netz e.V. and Spieltrieb GbR. Up to six players compete and negotiate simultaneously in the web. It was released in November 2009 and presented at the Didacta fair in March 2010. The target group of the game are, primarily, schools. Occasionally, up to 100 games have been played in parallel. [in German only]

“Operation Erde – KEEP COOL
ein Projekt des Fördervereins Kindermusiktheater ATZE e. V. – auf Basis von KEEP COOL – mit Premiere im Januar 2010

„Im Workshop entwickelt sich ein spannendes Rollenspiel für die Schülerinnen und Schüler. Kleingruppen, kostümiert und ausgestattet, agieren auf dem Weltmarkt uns setzen dabei das Klima aufs Spiel.“

Weitere Informationen auf der Website von ATZE Berlin

KEEP COOL im Hörsaal

Im Mai 2009 wurde von oikos Bayreuth eine Großveranstaltung durchgeführt, bei der sich Studierende mit dem Thema „Klimawandel“ auf unkonventionelle Weise auseinander setzten. Dabei wurden die KEEP COOL-Spielrollen von Professoren der Universität übernommen. Das Publikum nahm aktiv am Spielgeschehen teil, indem es als Presse oder als Öffentlichkeit agierte und somit kontinuierlich Druck auf die Ländergruppenvertreter, also auf die Professoren, ausüben konnte.

Das Format wurde von oikos Mannheim im Oktober 2009 wiederholt.

Weitere Informationen auf der Website von Oikos Bayreuth