Scientific background of KEEP COOL

To explain the scientific background of the game for the broad public, a booklet has been developed at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK). It is part of the game box and is downloadable for free.

Science and Games

You might ask why scientists have tried to develop a board game. Scientists ask questions and try to find systematic answers to them. At the beginning of game development, focus was placed on the following three questions.

  • Is it possible to simplify complex issues, such as climate, climate change and climate protection to their core components, so that they can be conveyed and analyzed in a simple way?
  • Is it possible to develop an attractive and exciting board game based on these simplifications? Can such a game be successfully used for education?
  • Can a simulation game be used as an “interactive model” of reality to contribute to scientific research on climate change?

Theses questions are not only driven by curiosity, but are highly relevant both for research and society. The issue of climate change needs interaction between science and policy. The game is intended to contribute to such an interaction.