Here you can find the contact details of qualified people who can facilitate KEEP COOL sessions or can otherwise support the use of KEEP COOL in educational contexts. Please contact these people directly if you are looking for a facilitator.

Please contact us if you would like to be on this list. We are happy to receive further facilitators.

For an independent game session you can also use the guideline, which was set up for environmental education workshops in Ukraine and Moldova. Many thanks to all contributors, especially Julian Gröger and EcoVisio!


Klaus Eisenack has developed KEEP COOL. He is a professor for economics at the University of Oldenburg, Germany. His research focus is on the economics of climate change. He has been facilitating KEEP COOL sessions and giving follow up meetings in university courses and at schools for many years.

Contact: klaus.eisenack(at)uni-oldenburg.de; Area: Germany

Till Meyer has been a consultant for game pedagogic and seminar teacher since 1985. For many years, his focus has been intercultural education. What he likes about games is that they convey insights and experience in a way that is practically impossible with other kinds of media.

Contact: till.meyer(at)t-online.de; Area: Germany

Michael Lüken has been a consultant for school projects for climate protection since 2011. Before that he worked at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK) where he became an expert for climate change, climate protection and the transformation of the energy system. He has a PhD in economics and a Masters in physics.

Contact: bmlueken(at)yahoo.de; Area: Germany

Benjamin Rott researches the teaching of mathematics at PH Freiburg, Germany, and trains teachers for mathematics. He studied mathematics and physics, and taught at schools in both subjects before his PhD. He is fascinated by the dynamic group processes in KEEP COOL, and the way that economic processes are transparently modeled in the game.

Contact: ben.rott(at)gmx.de; Area: South West Germany and Northern Switzerland


This list is not a commercial offer. We just help to establish contact.