Board Game

The board game „KEEP COOL – Gambling with the Climate“ was developed by two scientists of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research (PIK), Klaus Eisenack and Gerhard Petschel-Held, in 2013.

In a game of KEEP COOL, three to six players represent groups of countries such as Europe, OPEC, or the developing countries. For one to two hours they can choose between “black” and “green” growth, but also adapt to inevitable climate impacts like droughts or floods. The strength of these increases when the world temperature rises. Additionally, lobby groups like the oil industry or environmental groups have to be taken into account. The winner is the player who most efficiently reconciles climate protection with lobby interests. If some players are too ruthless, everybody loses.

KEEP COOL is bilingual German/English and can be played by children and adults of age 12 and above. Supervised sessions work well with younger children.

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