In the first mobile multiplayer game about climate politics, young people take control of global metropolises. They decide which path their economies will take, their climate protection strategy and exert influence on an international scale. It will require skilled diplomacy, a sense of responsibility and an engaging communication style to gain that competitive edge and achieve victory. With up to 50 players per game, KEEP COOL mobil is a very dynamic experience. It isn’t easy to find a suitable pathway between economic success and climate protection together.

As a browser game, KEEP COOL mobil can be played on Smartphones, Tablets and Desktops (Firefox, Chrome or Safari are recommended). It was developed to convey an impression of the multiple conflicts of interest climate politics have to deal with. Players enter negotiations about limited ressources on different levels and have to find their own positions and strategies. Through this process a change of perspectives is possible.

Getting started

Creating games & technical requirements

Desktop PCs, Tablets or other mobile devices like Smartphones (Android oder iOS): the screensize should be at least 4 inches for a minimum gaming comfort.

WLAN oder LAN with sufficient capacity (Rule of thumb: If the connection is good enough to watch a YouTube-Video on 3 or more devices simultaneously, connectivity problems are very unlikely). For any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Recommended Browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge (KEEP COOL mobil does not work with the old Internet Explorer)

The game admin can choose the length of the game: Every KEEP COOL mobil-game starts in the year 2000 und ends not later than year 2100. You can choose the duration of a year in the game. Examples:
  • 20 sec per year mean playtime of 33 min. + 4 climate conferences = 39 min. total game duration
  • 25 sec per year = 48 min.; 30 sec. per year = 56 min.
  • minimum duration of a year is 15 sec. (to avoid server overload)
It is essential to take a break during the games to allow longer discussions or to gain an overview over the current status of the game together with the group of players. These breaks have to be considered in the planning of a KEEP COOL session as well. A standard game – already tested in several workshops with different groups of players – takes about 45 to 60 minutes. For the introduction a Testgame of 10 to 15 minutes is very useful.
  1. go to
  2. click on „PLAY NOW“
  3. Choose “register” on the left side to create a free game admin account
  4. Enter User Name, Email and a password and click on „register“
  5. Now you have entered your game admin account
To join a game, an account is not necessary! Only the initiator / game admin needs an account.
  1. Login with your game admin account
  2. click on “new”
  3. Enter „Name of the game“ and „Duration of a game year in seconds “ and then click on „create and return to list“
  4. Share the GameCode with all players
  5. players should go to and click on „PLAY NOW“
  6. players should enter the GameCode on the right
  7. as a next step players choose their cities and their avatars
  8. Now the GAME ADMIN can start the game in the backend (game admin account) with the button „Start game“ on the right
  9. Let’s play!

Funding and project partners