Qualification period:

Feb 15th – May 31th, 2019

Finale of best players:

June 15th, 2019

Participating countries (so far):

Germany, Moldova, Romania and Ukraine

Gambling with the Climate

We are in a testing period for the international multilingual version of KEEP COOl mobile.
Up to 50 city mayors try to find a balance between economic growth, climate protection and the wishes of their citizens to win the game. It’s digital and easy to access from many countries.

This allows us to invite everybody to a KEEP COOL Mobile World Cup! Try out the game, help us developing it and join the competition!

Why register and play?

Get to know a new game and improve it with your feedback!
Play with many Keep Cool friends from different parts of the world
and get in touch with them!
Win attractive prizes if you qualify for the finale!
Learn something about climate change!

Next Worldcup-Games

The Rules

  1. Register by clicking on the button above and filling the form.
  2. Join a qualification game. They will be announced by your country coordinators via email and via facebook in the group “Keep Cool in Eastern Europe”.
  3. You’ll receive a link before the game with which you can register.
For each game in which you reach the year 2100 without hitting the 2-degrees warming limit, you’ll receive points. The country coordinators will announce the table with best players of your country from time to time.
1st place: 10 points 2nd place: 8 points 3rd place: 6 points 4th place: 5 points 5th place: 4 points 6th place: 3 points One point to each player (after place 6) in case the game reaches 2100
You can play as often as you want!
We’ll take the average of your 5 best games between Feb 15 and May 31 and add 0.2 points for every game you’ve played more that reached 2100. Example : a hard-working player “Julian MD” participated in 9 qualification games  between Feb 15 and May 31. Two of them failed (passed 2 degrees). His scores are: 10-8-5-4-4-3-1-0-0. The average of his 5 best games is: 31 / 5 = 6.2. There were two more games that reached safely 2100, so plus 2*0.2 makes a final sum of 6.6 as final score for “Julian MD”.
An official qualification game must be announced in the facebook group at least 3 days before to give others a chance to plan and register. So write an email at least 3 days before the event to KeepCool@ecovisio.org with the information: Day and Time of your game. You will receive a link and the name of your game – now you can promote it. You can invite anybody (friends, family, neighbours etc.) but you can also use the facebook group and the country coordinator will help you by announcing your event to other registered players. There must be at least 10 players until the end to make it a valid qualification game.
Write us: keepcool@ecovisio.org Or even better: join the facebook group “Keep Cool in Eastern Europe” and post your question there.
All data that you provide is only used for handling the world cup and will be deleted afterwards. If you do not opt out, we might publish your mail address so that you can get into contact with other participants. At some point you will be contacted whether you agree that your email address and name will be stored to reach you with information about Keep Cool after the World Cup.