In the first mobile multiplayer game about climate politics, young people take control of global metropolises. They decide which path their economies will take, their climate protection strategy and exert influence on an international scale. It will require skilled diplomacy, a sense of responsibility and an engaging communication style to gain that competitive edge and achieve victory. Fun is a must.

Kira fights global warming while taking the bus. Yannick develops renewable energy on the train. And as Max is relaxing in his hammock, he’s glad that the last storm didn’t turn out as bad as expected. The friends use their smartphones to share their scores, as they often have done in the afternoon since they won the first round of „KEEP COOL mobil“ at school together.

KEEP COOL mobil is aimed at children aged 14 and over and at young adults. It is especially suitable for both pupils and teachers in years 8 to 13, for extracurricular educational establishments and youth groups. The new game is a digital version of the KEEP COOL board game.

Development of KEEP COOL mobil moves into top gear. Test classes can still register.

Further information can be found at Lehrer Online. Up to date news on its development will be posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The German Government’s Council for Sustainable Development has named KEEP COOL mobil “Workshop Project 2016”. This title is given to projects that are considered “pioneering ideas that make sustainable thinking and acting an active part of everyday life”.

Who is behind KEEP COOL mobil?


Project lead









Konzeption und Software-Entwicklung

Conception and software development

Didaktische Materialien, Testing, Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

educational material, testing, communication


Technical advice










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